Portal WWW.GREENMEDIA.INFO is an informative source that reflects the most important questions of ecology and youth. The project contains the information that can be given to anyone wishing to acquaint problems of ecology to the official organizations with functions of control over a condition of environment. Volunteers will collect and study data of condition of the environment, received in schools and universities, official bodies, etc.

According to Convention of Ааrhus devoted questions of attraction of mass media, judicial bodies has been created the site with purpose to gather information of problems of ecology and its further distribution with the help of e-mail, questioning, etc.
The problem will be, that in Republic Moldova practically completely there is no access to the daily information, except for this page. Public organizations have supported this project as it is neutral and is not under protection of any interested bodies.
The information given by mass media, frequently is spontaneous or is late, that speaks absence of experts on the given problem and does not allow to give the information quickly, completely and qualitatively.

The portal info serves for granting the information concerning to a condition of environment in Republic Moldova, paying special attention to electronic press. The information is given in the Romanian, Russian and English languages, but, in process of development of organization GreenMedia and attraction and other organizations of South-East Europe materials can be placed in language of any country. On a portal there is a direct access to e-mail, weather forecasts, the ecological dictionary and other sites with the similar information.

During the different periods of year competitions with participation of written mass media on the best article, news, a photo, etc. will be arranged.

The purpose of the project is maintenance of an easy approach to problems of an environment and attraction of volunteers to gathering materials on protection of the nature.

In the future the project has goal to go to international level and creations uniform East-European body of the ecological information (Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, etc.), for this reason the information is given and in English.